Wednesday, 13 March 2013


There are a lot of seo "experts out there eon forums who aren't trying to help anyone but themselves they will have thousands of posts saying that your doing stuff wrong and they are right.. they usually team up and will promote fake idea on seo.
These people usually will be trying to promote something in their signature links or haven't got a signature link and will just be trying to get reputation as a seo expert on that forum to promote there services another way. Realistically they use scaring tactics to scare people about seo and make people "think" they know everything.
Sometime's these people contradict themselves... or plain and simply make stuff up.

Just saying anyway forums are not the place to find out about seo. Nor or some blogs really as many are just created by the same people with the same aims.

Not mentioning any exact search engine names but the biggest search engine out there uses similar scare tactics and the head of spam who runs the spam operation for this major search engine will make stuff up just to trick people into stopping seo.

Remeber that no computer is so intelligent that it cannot be outsmarted by a intelligent human.

Artificial intelligence has not yet been invented.

Networking and seo go hand in hand. Without a strong network of website point to the one you wish to rank for you wont get anywhere. FACT! Natural link building is extremely rare in fact nearly non existent even if you have the best content in the world nobody will be able to see your website because if you hadn't already unnaturally linked to your website in the first place you wont get any traffic.